my Vision

To be a community of like minded humans helping

each other thrive


giving back in powerful and meaningful ways 


Our mission 

To give as much as we make 

To support foster youth , at risk youth, and trafficking survivors 

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Meet  Moriah 

Her Story

The Advocate Coffee was created for many different reasons but at the core of it the owner & creator believes that coffee can make a difference in the lives of the people around us. She says, “Through the coffee industry we can advocate for a better world in fun and creative ways together. This business is your platform for better living. We can build a  community and purchase with purpose.”  


Moriah studied Social Work at San Jose State University and is from a small town, now what seems like an ever growing town, but it has been deemed one of the happiest places to live, San Luis Obispo County. She states, “My heart will always be in SLO, but for now I am loving the Bay Area. I moved here in 2012 to pursue my dream of graduating from a University. Over the last 9 years there have been many ups and downs, triumphs and failures, but I wouldn't be standing here today without my Community, Friends & Family. ((Thank you for loving and supporting me through some of the most challenging years of my life; you are my estate)).” 


During her studies at SJSU she worked in a Teen Drug Rehabilitation program and after graduating from SJSU she jumped directly to working in social services with children, youth and families. Supporting them and teaching them how to have healthy family relationships/dynamics and teaching appropriate behaviors/coping skills within a parent and child relationship. Then after 2.5 yrs. she transitioned into working with Refugee Foster Youth for 3 yrs. and taught  youth how to be self sufficient and navigate American systems. She coordinated and provided group and one-on-one case management and individual/group life skills training's to support refugee foster youth in their transition from being a minor to a young adult. 

Her love of coffee began when was she was a young teenager when a family friend (aka mama bear) rescued her from working in the fast food industry at age 15. Her friend gave her a job in her coffee shop as a barista. That is where her love for cafes, coffee and people began to evolve. She stated, “This cafe was a place for friends and people to be safe, eat delicious sandwiches (w/ boars honey mustard always) and enjoy the company of anyone, really. It was then that I told myself I would have my own coffee company or shop... someday and have it be a place for people to feel like they belonged and had a safe place to go to or someone to talk to.”


Over the years Moriah’s coffee knowledge expanded and she developed a love for specialty coffee. She worked in another coffee shop where she was taught how to make latte art, the perfect pour over and pull the best espresso shot. Today, she is able to partner with that same coffee roaster and sell their coffee with her own branding; The Advocate Coffee. Her response to how she feels about that partnership, “It is like bringing a little bit of home to the Bay Area to share with my community here. I am so full of joy to be able to say that and feel really lucky to have them as supporters in my life.” 


Here she is now. Having achieved most of her dreams thus far, learned a lot about herself, life, people, etc. and ready to take on a new adventure. She wants to be able to share her life experiences, by helping people in meaningful ways, and “ have fun & be artsy,” maintain balance and better living with a cup of coffee in hand. It is her passion and belief that through coffee She and We can make this world a better place. She states, "we have to be able to invest, build up our communities and the upcoming generations so that our minds, legacies and purpose is meaningful."