What’s on your bucket list?


How are you doing today? What was something this week that made you feel alive? Like fully alive and free? I like to call this your “in the flow moments.” I give credit to my former professor who taught me this term. She was my professor for a class all about drug addiction, super exciting, huh. I’ll definitely talk about addiction in another post some other time. Ok, so going back to having these types of moments. These are moments in time where

you’re fully aware of being in the moment and nothing else matters except being present with whatever activity you’re doing.

You aren’t constrained by time or anything around you but you are just there enjoying your time. It can be anything that makes YOU feel alive.

I am all about sharing tid bits of digestible information and sharing places I’ve been to, to hopefully get you to experience a magical moment. This week I had an “in the flow moment” and it was breathtaking. I went to a bucket list item place that I’d been wanting to try for a year! It was worth the wait. The air was warm, but slightly cool. The sun was out and the skies were super blue. It wasn’t too crowded or full of chatty kathy’s except for the fight that almost happened, but forget about that for a minute and go back to the clear blue skies. I was wearing a comfortable casual outfit, because sometimes when you aren’t wearing the right clothes for the activity you feel off. At least I do, haha. You’re probably wondering

OK Moriah tell us where this place is, geeze....

Alright, alright. It was a place by Santa Cruz, Ca called Davenport Pier Swing. It was built in 1868 and used to transport timber to San Francisco. It is no longer there except for a part of it that was turned into a swing. Yes, a swing! How can you swing on a swing and not feel like a kid or feel slightly good. If you are as much of a beach lover as I am, then you have to go experience this at least once.

But I am saying this with caution because it’s a bit of a treacherous way down, so be extra-extra careful. There is a rope that will help you stay balanced and not slide down. It is a bit gravally, sandy, dusty, windy (seasonally) and steep. Also, wear good comfy clothes and closed toed shoes. When I was there, there was a young girl wearing a super cute long skirt; she struggled and looked real uncomfortable. Not the best outfit choice when going down a steep hillside and there’s people at the bottom waiting to go back up; she did make it down though, so kudos to her.

This swing is truly magically rad and when I was swinging it took my breath away. There are not very many moments that take my breath away, but this was one of them. It was just an all around amazing experience that I’ll forever remember. I hope you get to experience these moments in life, in our busy lives it is so important to remember to take time for ourselves to recharge and check off our bucket list items.

Life is precious. Time is precious.

If you don’t have a bucket list, do it now. Or use my blog posts of the places I’ve been to, to start one. Your first place can be,

1) Davenport pier swing

2) your choice..

AND should you share your experiences from places we’ve suggested- click follow @theadvocatecoffee, tag us, and post to your IG of your “in the the flow moment,” we will send you free coffee. OR if you don’t have IG tag us somewhere on your platform of choice (twitter, Facebook, TikTok etc.) and we will still send you free coffee, yay free shit!

Ok, switching gears here…

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In closing, here is a fun coffee fact- did you know that the darker the roast the LESS caffeine you’ll be getting, so if you want to get extra energized for the day pick a light roast and see what happens..

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Til’ next time!

Peace, Love, and Good Vibes ✨


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K, bye

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