We need more free days in our lives.

Hai! How are you today? Let’s check in with ourselves. To get your brain moving and thinking, what’s one highlight and one lowlight for your week? And how can you learn from each of those and open up space for new moments?

Take a second to write some of that down. I can’t tell you how relieving it can sometimes be to get everything out that’s been taking up space in our mind, whether you talk with a friend or journal it all out. Processing what we think out loud really helps us to let go of stupid thoughts and to make room for better thoughts. ((I’ll research this and share my findings with you, someday))

Sometimes I say things out loud that I’ve been thinking, better yet ruminating on, and realize how incredibly dumb it is and/or that it’s not even how I’m actually feeling/wanting/needing.

Our brains and mind are powerful so do it right and let some shit go.

So maybe it’s harder to answer these questions today, that’s ok too! Or you don’t understand my terminology because sometimes I ask odd things, but eh that’s me. I’ll share some of my highlights and lowlights to give you an idea on what I mean. A low light of my week was finding out that Grandma isn’t doing well and took a turn for the worse. It is really difficult to be States away from family and not there in person when these times happen. I feel for her and my mama who is thankfully able to be there with her mama. It really makes you stop to think about life and how time flies by. How important it is to tell the ones you love, that you care and love them. To make each moment together meaningful.

Have you told the ones you care about, that you do care about them? If not, do it now.

You won’t regret it.

A highlight of my week was that I got to have two girls' nights. One where I got to meet my friends new precious baby and one for a Galentines because why do we even have Valentines Day (I need to actually research where this day came from and why it exists. If you do it before me, please share your insights.) I have never celebrated this day because I find it ridiculous that a person buys things that die in two weeks or makes you feel like a baby cow after eating the whole box and/or feels the sudden urge to express themselves. I remember this one time when I was in Safeway and I saw this super eager guy standing in line holding a huge bouquet of flowers and a box of something; he was all squirmy because there were a lot of flowers. I am assuming these were for his partner. I looked at the price tag and it said 49.99 or something like that, but oh nooo! That is too much for flowers that I would kill because I can’t keep flowers alive. Take me to a concert or where there is good food that I can stuff my face with. I immediately told my then boyfriend, to not ever waste his money on flowers that are that expensive for me; I think he happily agreed. Instead, why not express our love and tenderness every day; why have we lost sight of that of the small acts of kindness. Or better yet why have SOME people, because kudos to those who haven’t.

Ok, back to girls night, these nights don’t always come, but when they do; it is so fun and makes a huge difference in getting through the week. Heck, through life!

Lately, I’ve been going, going and non-stop in all aspects of my life.

Who else can relate?

I can’t complain too much because it’s a choice I make and do, but I’m learning to remain balanced. To try to take note every day how I’m feeling and why I may be having (xyz) feelings. To also learn to say no to some things especially if we know it will push us over the edge. I have a really hard time saying no to things I want to say yes to, but mental health is real and as I get older and busier I have to learn to stay in tune with myself. Over the last few years, there have been things that I’ve discovered about myself like that I get full blown panic attacks. These aren’t anxiety attacks which are real too and they have similarities, but the difference with panic attacks and anxiety attacks is that with panic attacks is that it puts you in a state of impending doom or fear, like your whole world is going to end and you are going to die- for real, and sometimes debilitates you for a short time, like you lose control over how to stand and walk, or use your hands. There is this extreme detachment feeling from reality. Oh and they spontaneously happen. It isn’t a gradual thing, like anxiety attacks have a more gradual onset presence so you can put in place coping skills to minimize the anxiety. Panic attacks surprise you out of nowhere, however, if you are in tune with yourself you may recognize symptoms leading up to attack. It is the strangest and scariest feeling, but it happens to me if I push myself too hard. I often times teeter that a lot in life, but I know I am not the only one who suffers from these or from being super busy.

So, moral of my blog.

Let’s take time to slow down a bit and open up our days to have free days.

Days where there is nothing planned, but you get to do whatever you feel like in the moment- nap, drink good booze, try a new restaurant, head to the beach! Whatever it is. I am sending energy towards that.

Peace, Love, and Good Vibes


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K, bye

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