What keeps you up at night?

Hiya Friends,

I missed posting this last week because I was sick and ended up getting the shingles. (Yikes, not contagious...unless, you’ll have to stay tuned for my next post about the answer to this..) If you’ve ever had them it is not fun, but painful and itchy and sensitive, and oh you’re constantly uncomfortable. Super great, huh.......not. Anyways, I’m still recovering but on the mends, so insert happy dance of your choice. I’ll write more about what it is and all of that later.

Let’s check in with you.

How is you? Like really, how are you? Do you have a moment to journal some of your thoughts that you’ve had this week and process just a little bit the kind of week you had. I am a huge fan of journaling and to be honest, this blog has been an outlet for me to get things onto paper that sometimes keep me up at night, like why the eff did I drink a cup of coffee this evening? Or what really motivates people? And what would happen if we only worked 30hrs a week instead of the 40+ hrs a week? Why is ramen so good? How come I always want Taco Bell? And recently it is how come I got the shingles, hmmm? I’ll research that one and bring some tidbits of info about it in my next blog..

To get back to our post, I want to ask you something.

What kinds of questions do you want answers to and do they keep you up at night?

Seriously message me. I want to know.

So, I have been researching more about this whole blogging thing and the world in which we live in as newbie bloggers, seasoned bloggers etc. I want to draw from any kind of blogger, mostly the seasoned ones because I have not a clue if this is the right direction for this coffee @theadvocatecoffee biz. I recently read that nobody really cares about what might be going on in my head (insert nervous laughter bc I don’t know what I’m doing but I’m still having fun) and nobody really cares about how much of an expert I am in one area or another. We all have different opinions, advice, things to say etc. and generally speaking people want to share what they have on their own mind.

What I learned is that I need to be blogging on is what attracts a good audience so we can build a community, right? quick pause-

Real talk- this IS about

connecting with like minded hoomans

and to support each other through this wild and sometimes really fucking difficult life. (This is me verbally processing out loud that I and maybe even you need community and support, like consistency. I have accepted what I’ve learned and am on a mission to find these like minded hoomans)

So don’t hold back, I want to hear about what YOU want to read about. What topics interest you?

I’ve •kind of• narrowed it down to three because I somehow always use things in three, no idea why except that it feels good and makes sense to me. I figured out that it makes sense to do what fuels this biz and that’s, coffee, people, causes. To expand that because I also like to travel to various coffee places and adventure to new spots so it makes sense for me to include some travel spots to share with you.

(( +you can create your very own bucket list

from the places we’ve been to and if you post those photos to IG, tik tok, Twitter so forth, click follow The Advocate Coffee and tag us. We will send you a little bag of free coffee. Woohoo, free shit)). Since, I am a wild, can‘t stick to just one type of thing kind of social worker and who is a fan of self care, taking care of our minds I will write about mental health resources and tips to healthy minds/living and other social work-y things. ((I think that was a run on sentence...ha, glad I didn‘t go into teaching grammar)). Also, people really intrigue me and I have to share some things about the people interactions I have in my own personal life. Last, but not least, I will write on the causes we care about and want to spotlight. That was a lot of words for something I can easily type as

What I blog about is-

  1. Coffee/Travel

  2. People/Mental Health

  3. Causes/Social Work.

Boom! Which one do you want to hear more about?

((Comment below or send me an email because I love old skool forms of communication :))

I have been doing this blogging for a month or so would love to connect with other bloggers out there. If you’d like to be featured on my platform or blog about each other that could be fun, let’s talk!

Email me at connect@TheAdvocateCoffee.com

Til’ next time!

Peace, Love, and Good Vibes


P.S. If you want to be added to my email newsletter where you will get recipes, roasts of the day and maybe fun facts from somewhere then email me at connect@theadvocatecoffee.com or sign up on my website blog www.theadvocatecoffee.com/blog-1.

K, bye

Photo by Lucas Ettore Chiereguini

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